Upcoming Events

Conney Conference 2015

Judith will give a lecture at the Jewish/American/Israeli: Intertwined Identities Conney Conference on Jewish Arts, March 24-26, 2015 at University of Southern CA in conjunction with the Univ of Wisconsin, directed by Doug Rosenberg (http://conneyproject.wisc.edu/2015-conney-conference-on-jewish-arts-to-be-held-at-usc-in-los-angeles/)

Her illustrated talk describes the amazing connections between Boris Aronson, who left Russia for Europe and then the US (known for his “Fiddler on the Roof” stage designs) and Baruch Agadati who left Russia for Eretz-Israel and became the first Israeli solo dancer.

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Judith is available for teaching special dance classes incorporating Jewish imagery and movement with inspiration from Judaism, (combined with her experience in yoga, Alexander technique and modern dance).

For further information, please see Hire Judith or reach Judith at : JBrinIngber@gmail.com.